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Colourful bed linen. Colours Atlanta luxury bedding


The Connie Colours Collection is part of our luxury Atlanta range of natural bed linen. Variety of light and dark coloured sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are available to enhance your bedroom decor. The natural properties of our top quality linen makes them the perfect choice for your bedding all year round.

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Soft shades of colours, linen bedding

Our Atlanta range of linen bedding has always been charaterised by it's quality and softness. The Connie Home Atlanta Colours linen still keeps the simple, elegant look that adds a natural, luxurious look to your bedroom. The addition of a range soft, shaded colours gives you a wider choice of options to get the best out of your bedroom decoration.

The classic pure white colour is the basis for everyone's bedding, the colourful shades ranging from soft pink Rosé through to an almost black Charcoal range with Cream and Blue in between. Including a soft, pale blue-grey Slate option for your linen duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases.

The option to mix and match is also available by combining the classic white linen Atlanta bedding with a Colours pillowcase or duvet cover to create an attractive and visually pleasing detail to your bed linen.

Luxury coloured bed linen

With the selection of colourful bedding that makes up the Atlanta Colours collection each piece is designed to enhance your enjoyment and coordinate perfectly with your existing white bedding. The usual discreet button style closure is at the bottom end of each linen duvet cover, making sure the lines adapt nicely to the shape of your duvet padding.

The Colours linen collection is available across a variety of sizes, double, king and super king, but not the single, allowing you to select the correct sized item for your mattress.

One thing which is the same across the whole Atlanta collection, is the very high quality of the linen we use in the manufacture of our bed-linen. The use of top quality flax ensures our bedding always stays soft, smooth and strong - even after frequent washes. The pure nature of our natural linen makes it free from synthetic materials. This can be felt in the softness which is not achieved with man-made fibres.

Coloured linen sheets

With the luxury feel of our Colours linen sheets you will achieve a simple, yet distinctive effect to the styling of your bedroom, as well as helping to enjoy a relaxing and restful night's sleep. Perhaps this is the main reason why people throughout history have been using natural linen as their perfect bedding material. Particularly as linen, being allergen free, is appropriate for all skin types.

The fitted linen sheets are also available in each of the Atlanta Colours options, the elasticated corners help keep this bottom sheet stable throughout the night. The pillowcases are both the standard size and the Oxford pillow case with the extra 5cm border around each side. This allows you to be creative with mixing the pillow colour choices to suit your bedroom decoration. The flat sheets and the linen duvet covers within this luxury bedding Collection can be used to break up a classic white bedding combination